AR 70.2

Arc Protection Devices

Code AR 70.2
Name Power arc device
For ceramic pin insulators
Description AR 70.2 is used as a arcing protection device for covered conductors. The device is suitable for vertical, covered conductor and crossarms . It can be used in straight lines and also at line angles that are allowed for the crossarms. Nominal plastic covering thickness of the conductor may vary from 2 to 3 mm.


Weight: 1.6 kg

Electrical values:

Nominal voltage (Un): 12 … 36 kV
Arc gap: 95 … 230 mm


Use: AR 70.2 is used as an arcing protection device for ceramic pin insulators.
Construction: The kit AR 70.2 consists of following parts
Al - parts Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy,
Steel parts Hot-dip galvanised steel

Installation: The plastic covering of the conductor need not to be removed as the connector is insulation piercing type. Tightening torque for connector screws is 40 Nm.
Markings: AR 70.2 

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