BO 70

Insulating covers

Code BO 70
Name Insulating covers
Description BO 70 is used as a connector cover. The cover has to be installed so that the drain hole for ambient water is downwards. The cover is made of UV-radiation and weather resistant thermoplastic. Suitable for CO 50.11.


Weight: 0.03 kg

Electrical values:

Nominal voltage (Un): 12 … 36 kV
Conductor size max.: 150 mm²


Use: The cover is used with Al/Al and Al/Cu connectors as insulation and to protect the connectors against corrosion caused by climatic conditions.
Construction: The cover is made of weather and UV-radiation resistant special black plastic.

Installation: After installation of connector cut off necessary caps for conductors and attach the plastic cover on the connector. Be sure that
Markings: BO 70 

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