BI 22

Polyethylene Pin Insulator – Tie Top

Code BI 22
Name Polyethylene Pin Insulator – Tie Top
Description The connector is used with bare wires or covered conductors. The plastic sleeve in the top-groove of the insulator enables pulling of conductor without using pulleys. The conductor can be tied to the top-groove or to the neck. In angles, always tie to the neck. Creepage distance 325 mm. Neckdiameter 85 mm.


Weight: 3.8 kg
Insulator neck: 85 mm
Creepage distance:

Electrical values:

Highest system voltage: 24 kV
Dry lightning impulse withstand voltage: ≥ 125 kV
Wet power frequency withstand voltage: ≥ 50 kV
Breaking load: 12.5 kN


Use: Used with bare wires or covered conductors.
Construction: Insulato has an incorporated plastic thimble in the top, which enables the conductors to be pulled directly in the insulator groove without other pulleys.

Installation: A pulling rope is first passed through the plastic sleeves and the conductor is then pulled in the normal manner. If necessary the sleeve can be rotated so that the rope/conductor cannot come out of the groove. When the conductor has been tightened it is tied to either the top groove or the side neck of the insulator as appropriate. The plastic pulling sleeve can be left in place.
Markings: BI 22 

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