CO 70.1

Live line connector

Code CO 70.1
Name Live line connector
Description Used as a live line branching connector for covered conductors. The connector is made of corrosion resistant aluminium and the bolts are of stainless steel. The connector is watertight by silicone greased teeth. For copper branch conductors, the sleeve is needed. The installation can be made with a live line rod .


Weight: 0.49 kg

Electrical values:

Nominal voltage (Un): 12 … 36 kV
Covered conductor: Al 35-157


Use: Used when a branching or transformer connection to a live insulated conductor is required. By applying the stirrup first and then connecting to its loop any possible arcing damage to the conductor is avoided.
Body Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy, tensile strength 300 N/mm²
screws Stainless steel / Aluminium

Installation: The insulation of the conductor need not to be removed. The live-line clamp can be installed with standard live-line sticks. The screws have to be tightened to torque of 40 Nm.
Markings: CO 70.1 

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