Conductor dead-end grip

Code PD
Name Conductor dead-end grip
Description Conductor Dead- end Grip provide an easy, low-cost way to support service drop wire without bail failures or stripping of the insulation. TI grip is neoprene coated, pre-formed type grip for dead-ending spacer cables


Weight: 0.95 kg

Electrical values

Nominal voltage (Un): 12 … 36 kV


Use: TI grips are used in spacer cable systems to dead-end the phase conductors. They are applied directly over the covering. No stripping is required. The TI grips are partial tension devices and should only be used with messenger supported spacer cable conductors. Automatic dead-end grips should not be used on spacer cable conductors.
CodeCovered Conductor Diameter (mm)Color
PD 80.1 22.5 - 24 Yellow
PD 80.2 24-29 Red
PD 80.3 29-31 Orange
PD 80.4 31-32.5 black

Installation: Conductor Dead- end Grip rapidly applied by hand without tools, they are adjusted to exert firm uniform holding power throughout their length, without crushing or damaging drop wire. The right size is easy to recognize by the colour code. e.g.
Markings: PD 

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