SB 35

Vertical tap/angle bracket

Code SB 35
Name Vertical tap/angle bracket
Description The bracket is formed using 3.0” channel and is hot dip galvanized after fabrication. The phase conductors are supported in a vertical orientation to permit taps to be made while still maintaining a compact configuration. Simple, compact alternative to crossarm angle or tap construction.H10 Ground Lug Provision


Dimensions: 80×670×1108
Weight: 23.2 kg


Use: The SB 35 is designed for primary lateral taps at all voltages through 36kV. These brackets can also be used on angles up to 90°in applications where a vertical configuration of the phase conductors is desired. The bracket should be applied along with insulators and covered tie wire or HPI Vise-Top Insulators with plate, if required. Pole mounting is accomplished using thru-bolts (not included).
Construction: Hot-dip galvanised steel

Markings: SB 35 

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