SS 22

Tangent braket stirrup

Code SS 22
Name Tangent braket stirrup
Description The SS 12 tangent bracket stirrup is an accessory that is used to support a spacer directly beneath a tangent bracket in spacer cable systems. The stirrup is cast ductile iron that is hot dip galvanized after fabrication


Dimensions: 142×98×215
Weight: 1.42 kg


Use: The SS 12 stirrup can be used with tangent bracket. The stirrup should be attached to the tangent bracket using the hole closest to the end of the tangent bracket using the hardware that is suppied with the SS 12.
Construction: The kit AR 60.1 consists of following parts
Hot-dip galvanized pressed steel

Installation: Stirrup should be attached as the spacers are being installed.
Markings: SS 22 

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