AR 50.1

Arc protection device

Code AR 50.1
Name Arc protection device
PAS/BLL-T 50-157 mm² AlMgSi, with plain horn and Al-thread
Description The connector AR 50.1 includes an Al-thread to connect the connector to the neck of the insulator. The length of 25 mm² Al thread is 2.1 m. The connector is watertight by silicone greased teeth.


Weight: 0.47 kg
Plastic cover: BO 75


Use: For arc protection of covered conductors
Construction: The lower section of the body protects the bolts against corrosion and enables the connector easily to be reopened even after years of service. The conductor groove is brushed, greased and toothed to ensure reliable connections
Body Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy, tensile strength 300 N/mm²
Bolts Hot-dip galvanised steel
Shunt wire Aluminium, 25 mm²
Arcing horn Hot-dip galvanised steel SE 20.25 comes with a ball head horn

Installation: It is not necessary to dismantle the connector during the installation work. Unscrew the bolts and place the conductor into the groove. Tighten the bolts with articulated spanner and fork wrench to torque of 40 Nm.
Markings: AR 50.1 

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