AR 70.1

Arc Protection Devices

Code AR 70.1
Name Power arc device
For pin insulators
Description AR 70.1 is used as a arcing protection device for covered conductors. The device is suitable for horizontal, covered conductor, suspension crossarms that are equipped with line post insulators. It can be used in straight lines and also at line angles that are allowed for the crossarms.


Weight: 1.59 kg

Electrical values:

Nominal voltage (Un): 12 … 36 kV
Arc gap: 95 … 230 mm


Use: AR 70.1 is used as an arcing protection device for silicon pin insulators.
Construction: The kit AR 70.1 consists of following parts
Al - parts Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy,
Steel parts Hot-dip galvanised steel

Installation: The plastic covering of the conductor need not to be removed as the connector is insulation piercing type. Tightening torque for connector screws is 40 Nm.
Markings: AR 70.1 

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