AR 60.1

Power arc device

Code AR 60.1
Name Power arc device
For tension insulators
Description Power arc device AR 60.1 is used with composite insulators on angle poles with suspension clamp Su 60 and on tension poles with tension clamps TI 70.1 or TI 50.1 The package includes arching horns and 95 mm² conductor with cable lugs. Spark gap is adjusted to 130-230 mm on 24-36 kV. Short-circuit current: Arc test 2 x 10 kA, 1s Short circuit test: I1s=11,5 kA, 1s / Idyn=29 kA


Weight: 0.89 kg

Electrical values:

Nominal voltage (Un): 12 … 36 kV
Arc gap: 95 … 230 mm


Use: AR 60.1 is used as an arcing protection device for trnsion insulators.
Construction: The kit AR 60.1 consists of following parts
Al - parts Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy,
Steel parts Hot-dip galvanised steel

Installation: One end of the conductor will be installed on the clamp and another on the AR 60.1
Markings: AR 60.1 

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