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Manufacturer of Overhead Insulated Conductors Lines

Nowadays more and more countries are using overhead conductors Systems. Covered conductors consist of a conductor surrounded by a covering made of insulating material as protection against accidental contacts with other covered conductors and with grounded parts such as tree branches, etc. In comparison with insulated conductors, this covering has reduced reduction-properties, but is able to temporarily withstand the phase-to-earth voltage temporarily. Since covered conductors are unscreened, they are not touch-proof, i.e. they must be treated as bare conductors with respect to electric shock. They are used in overhead lines with rated voltages U above 1 kV a.c. and not exceeding 36 kV a.c.

Different Types of Covered Conductors in Distribution Networks Are:

  • Covered Conductor (CC) or Single Layer Coverage (PAS)
  • Covered Conductor Thick (CCT) or Triple Layer Covering (BLa/BLL)
  • Aerial Spacer Cable (ASC)
  • Aerial Bundled Cable

Joined Iran Power Industry Standard Codification in Covered and Insulated Electrical Overhead Distribution Networks Series

Medium Voltage Covered Conductors, Covered Conductor Accessories and Acceptance Criteria and Installation and Maintenance of Covered Conductors OHL. These standards cover the construction, performance and requirements for covered conductors for overhead lines having a nominal voltage U above 1 and including 36 kV a.c., and for the related accessories. The objective is to provide general recommendations for the selection, storage, transportation and installation of the covered conductors and the related accessories specified. Safety regulations and environmental regulations as well as rules for installation and mechanical design are considered in this guide to use. The last one is covers the construction, performance and test acceptance criteria and for the related accessories.

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