Training and Consultant

Purchasing a product from ARAD is only the beginning. At power utility, we deliver additional value through on-going customer support. Our knowledgeable team and massive network enable us to respond to emergencies and meet needs across the globe at a moment’s notice. ARAD strives to offer the best level of post-sales support available to our customers. ARAD goal is to resolve your support issue as quickly as possible.

Training Seminar

This training course is ideal for top executive managers, operations engineer and directors responsible for the operational performance and overall quality of the support organization. The program is designed to provide intense focus on those engineer electrical distribution networks elements that highly correlate with world-class and to provide participants with the skills necessary to effective management. This training course offers support managers and exports the opportunity to develop and refine their technical support skills. The course provides training on the fundamentals of performance and requirements for covered conductors for overhead lines with a nominal voltage U above 1 and including 36 kV a.c., and for the related accessories. The objective is to provide general recommendations for the selection, storage, transportation and installation of the covered conductors and the related accessories. Safety and environmental regulations as well as rules for installation and mechanical design are considered in this guide. Also, it covers the construction, performance and test acceptance criteria and for the related accessories.

Training Workshops

Training Workshops are generally structured as an interactive workshop. The instructor or facilitator will present instructional material including industry data and best practices. There will be numerous opportunities for the participants to discuss the pros and cons and ask questions, etc. Module Length: Most of the training modules have a range of time associated (for example 3 to 4 hours). The variable length primarily depends on the level of interaction expected for that particular module.

Consultant and Technical Services

We can support our clients through the entire project life cycle by providing consultation, engineering, construction management, operations and maintenance, and information technology services. We offer these services individually or as part of our full-service approach. These consulting projects are quoted on an individual or group basis depending on your goals and we are required to meet those goals.

Pilot Projects

Pilot Projects are a design consultancy that co-create solutions to complex challenges in covered conductor distribution networks systems. If you are looking for an innovative and inclusive approach to a project, we would love to discuss it.

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