ARAD Tie Top Insulators are molded from a proprietary blend of gray, track resistant, high density polyethylene.
They are ideal for use with all types of construction using either bare wire or covered conductors. When using covered conductors, it is recommended that HPI Insulators always be used in order to match the dielectric properties of the insulating materials. HPI Tie Top Insulators conform with the electrical and mechanical requirements of ANSI C29.5 and C29.6. They are designed with standard ANSI neck and thread sizes and are available in nominal voltage ratings of 11 kV, 20 kV, and 33 kV. They are especially well suited for areas of vandalism. Ballistics tests have shown that even with damage from a rifle or shotgun, the insulators are still able to operate.
ARAD has developed a patented blend of polyethylene that allows them to mold Tie Top and Vise Top insulators that will withstand conductor temperatures that exceed 200°C without damage to the insulator. Meet the “HT” High Temperature Insulators.

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